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A fun question and answer game for families. Play weekly: smile, laugh, and stay connected

No apps, no social media. Just text messages

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138 families connecting
Happy family

Staying in touch is hard.

Familes span distances, generations, and tech habits.

long distance family

Sundays makes it easy

Get fun weekly questions. See, share, and save your family's answers

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Receive a weekly text question every Friday. Answer privately
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See the full family's answers on Sunday mornings. Responses are compiled in a beautiful, scrapbook-style summary to save and share
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Answer new questions every week. Bridge distance and generations. Have fun and make memories, one week at a time
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Designed for everyone

For all ages, generations, and technological skill


No fancy technology

No app to download. No new accounts. No new passwords. Simplicity is good for everyone.


Works over text messages

All family sharing is done via text messages. Everyone can use it, especially grandma.


Consistent contact

Prompts to answer come every Friday. Responses are reavealed every Sunday.


Lightweight and delightful

Sundays is designed to be simple and delightful. It's easy to use and fun to share.

Loved by everyone

Approved by families far and wide

"I don't have social media and Sundays keeps me connected to my kids who live accross the country"



Michigan, USA

"I love seeing the whole family's answers to the weekly questions. It's the best part of my Sunday morning"



Michigan, USA

"It's so easy! I got my grandma to use it, and now she's hooked"



Illinois, USA

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